Who we are

Working with both local and national companies, businesses, charities and associations, we’re a dedicated team of marketing and communications professionals with a strategic approach, a strong customer focus and a healthy dose of creativity.

We seek to out-think the competition rather than out-spend them – we thrive on the challenge of making budgets deliver outstanding results and believe that our work should offer a measurable return on investment. We’re also extremely flexible and cost effective.

What we do

The combination of today’s fast moving business and fragmented media channels means it’s more important than ever to develop marketing that works. No matter what your business challenge is, we’re here to help.

CJAM Group is a one-stop-shop for all of your marketing needs. Whether it’s an advertising campaign, a new website, a prospectus, digital or social media plan, remote press office function or a memorable launch event, we can take care of it for you.

“You don’t need a big budget to make an impact, just bright thinking and a healthy dose of creativity.”

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@bondstcm1 We know a few people in our office who will be enjoying that! #Christmas #Chelmsford8 hours ago 0 1
RT @CJA_MANAGEMENT: Association client @MHEA are attending a site visit at @ViridorUK Bicester, with members and our team along to provide…1 day ago 1 0
We've spent 2018 exploring the many wonderful ways to increase reach and strengthen branding for Simply Fertility, one of our lovely clients based in Chelmsford. It's been a highly successful and enjoyable campaign. #marketing #branding #marketingessex https://t.co/STKn8i535W https://t.co/FxhsAHbVd11 day ago 0 1
We keep up so you don't have to! Check out our preview of the key digital marketing trends your business or association should be considering to stay ahead of the curve in 2019. #digitalmarketing #marketingessex #digitalstrategy #digitalcommunications https://t.co/oy7DgqGyD6 https://t.co/RM71HyNgZt1 day ago 0 0
The office is so quiet when our associations teams are working their magic on the road! https://t.co/H8DBmwY7Ja1 day ago 0 0
Happy birthday for tomorrow to the lovely Florence, one of the many lives touched by the incredible team at @SimplyFertility https://t.co/1p5Znt1JEy6 days ago 0 0
We've started developing Apps for some of our #assocation clients for their conferences and events, and they've been going down really well! https://t.co/tZQbSoDOOI6 days ago 0 0
Our events team are in Hamburg. It's day one of our Client's Annual Conference and registration is well underway! #eventmanagement #events #hamburg https://t.co/EtyCwWD9Rv1 week ago 1 2
Our events team are hitting the skies for a week in Hamburg running a conference for a client! Have a great week guys! #events #conference #eventsmanagement #associationmanagement #marketingandevents #eventsessex #pressex https://t.co/8TiLro2XSO2 weeks ago 0 2
More great coverage for one of our clients, Anglia Décor who have been making the news with their groundbreaking contribution to a new installation at the Tate Modern. #PR #PREssex #media #mediacoverage @Tate https://t.co/jFYBZgLMtF https://t.co/cJA0sz5I8P2 weeks ago 0 0