The challenge

TyreSafe – the country’s leading  tyre safety organisation – achieved charitable status in 2016, its tenth year of operation. The charity raises awareness of the dangers of defective and illegal tyres and CJAM Group has been responsible for TyreSafe’s campaigns and communications since its inaugural year in 2006. In 2009 TyreSafe was awarded with the prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in recognition of its achievements.

Substantial evidence supports the need for a change in drivers’ attitudes to tyre safety in Britain, which can only be achieved through education. TyreSafe’s on-going challenge to CJAM Group is to increase the reach and engagement of its message year-after-year with innovative and appealing campaigns, which resonate with the target audiences.

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The work

October marks Tyre Safety Awareness Month – a focal point for the tyre industry and an ideal platform to educate road users about the importance of safe tyres.

In 2016, for TyreSafe’s 10th anniversary, CJAM Group originated a new campaign with the slogan ‘Don’t chance it, check it’. This was based on the second phase of a survey on tyre tread depth at the point of replacement, carried out in partnership with Highways England. Results confirmed the findings of the first phase, that more than one in four British motorists are replacing their tyres when already illegal.

Resources created for the campaign included nine different poster designs, an infographic and leaflets. Online resources encompassed an animation, films and web banner ads, supported by a proactive social media campaign.

Stakeholder engagement continued apace with industry briefings and with representatives from the fire and police services, road safety organisations and media. Dual branded and customised resources were generated, in particular by Yokohama and Chelsea FC.

The campaign, with its startling key messages was highly impactful, engaging drivers of all ages and challenging them to consider whether they checked their tyres often enough.

Targeted campaigns

In addition to broader awareness campaigns, CJAM Group originated targeted campaigns for specific driver groups. Most recently, our creative team devised a brand new awareness campaign specifically aimed at mums-to-be.

Around 700,000 new babies will make their first journey home from hospital each year. Alarmingly, more than one in four of those may travel home on illegal or dangerous tyres.

With this in mind, we devised a host of marketing materials to encourage mums-to-be to add CHECK TYRES to their pre-birth checklist in anticipation of the most important journey they will ever make.

Supported by a media launch, new website, animation and video, the national awareness campaign aims to get baby ‘home safely on safe tyres’.

Campaigns such as this feature on a new look TyreSafe website, designed by the CJAM Group team.

The results

Year on year, our results speak for themselves.

Over 150,000 materials were distributed to over 200 organisations.

Widespread TV, radio and newspaper coverage included interviews with 27 radio stations and a repeat of the 45-minute feature on BBC’s Fake Britain at prime evening viewing times.

We organised media visits, interviews, photo shoots and filming.  Press coverage equated to more than £1.1 million, with almost 1100 articles in consumer, trade, national, regional and local press.

We achieved a combined reach of more than 104 million people, an online reach of 1.1 billion people, an 18 per cent increase in Twitter followers, 320,000 hits on YouTube and over 23 million impressions on Facebook. The latter showed an increase of 77 per cent.

Overall the 2016 campaigns have generated a 377 per cent return on investment.

Total online reach (web & social)
Total online advertising equivalent value
Visitor sessions to Tyresafe.org (up by 63%)
Over 4,900 Twitter followers (18 per cent increase)
Over seven million users reached and 23 million impressions on Facebook
320,000 YouTube views (up by 29%)