Spending quality time with colleagues, customers and prospects can be extremely rewarding. But with modern time pressures it’s vital that your event is well-run and delivers tangible benefits for your business or organisation. CJAM Group has extensive experience in delivering a wide range of events, from annual dinners and award ceremonies to new product launches. Whilst the activities we have planned are diverse and have been delivered in all corners of the world, the common theme uniting them is our attention to detail and professional standards of service.

We know that one of the keys to a successful event lies in its planning. For us, this begins by developing a clear brief and really understanding the objectives and desired outcomes of the event. We will propose a range of creative and innovative solutions, using the latest technologies, such as apps, to support your event. We’ll make all the necessary arrangements to make sure things runs smoothly and, if needed, you can use our communications services to support your event, from awareness campaigns to social media strategies.

  • National and international conferences and exhibitions
  • Industry briefings and seminars
  • Gala dinners
  • Annual awards presentations
  • Overseas incentive trips
  • Small bespoke personalised events
  • Product launches.