CJAM helps launch the biggest Tyre Safety Month to date

This year’s Tyre Safety Month is set to be bigger and better than ever before, with the CJAM team in full flow, raising awareness of the annual campaign through multiple PR and marketing channels. The theme of this year’s campaign, which aims to prompt motorists around the country into taking action on tyre safety, is ‘Time for a change?’.

The EU Cookie Law

The EU Cookie Law deadline of May 26th is fast approaching, by which time all websites must conform to the EU Cookie Law directive. As you may know, cookies are small files stored on a user’s computer by the browser when they visit a website, and can be used to log pages visited or track user browsing patterns. The EU is keen to ensure that commercial websites respect user privacy and do not track their movements too closely.

Advertising opportunities via Twitter: progress needed

Twitter has come under the spotlight this week, with marketers insisting that the social media giant must work harder to prove its worth to companies if it wants to convince more UK brands to advertise via the platform. Despite 140 companies having advertised in the first year since Twitter established its UK office, marketers argue that this number is quite low, considering its confirmed UK audience of 10m active users.

Cost-effective marketing pays dividends

Are you confused about which marketing will work best for your business? Many of our clients approach us for advice on which marketing disciplines will best support their business objectives, however, one theme is common throughout: the importance of cost-effectiveness. Companies are keeping a tight watch on marketing budgets and rightly so. We are strong believers that marketing campaigns should not have to be costly. Effective campaigns rely on developing powerful marketing strategies, carefully executed with compelling tactics, whether it’s writing engaging press releases, creating clever digital animations or simply producing regular e-newsletters and blog posts.

Charities embrace social media to engage donors

Charities are increasingly embracing social media as a means of reaching out to new and existing donors. While UK charity shops are experiencing record profits, with reported takings up £34m year on year , more traditional fundraising methods have typically suffered during the recession, leading charitable organisations to seek alternative methods of raising money. The answer, reports the Institute of Philanthropy  http://www.instituteforphilanthropy.org/ is social media, which is fast becoming an essential tool for securing donations.

CJAM creates compelling educational material for motorists

With new labels set to appear on tyres across Europe from 1st November 2012, CJAM has been busy creating a bank of engaging educational materials to help motorists get to grips with the new information on display. The tyre labels will feature three key measures, including wet braking performance, fuel efficiency and noise emission characteristics. Developed by the European Commission, the new labelling is intended to create greater transparency in the consumer tyre buying process and help motorists to make more informed choices when it comes to the safety and fuel economy of their tyres.

CJAM Group bags its own ‘apprentice’

CJAM Group is delighted to welcome a new ‘apprentice’ to the team. Courtney Hicks joins as marketing assistant, following a successful internship during which she impressed us with her enthusiasm, drive and impeccable knowledge of social media! Courtney is already fully involved and up to speed with our latest client campaigns, and will focus primarily on social media marketing and the design and creation of key e-marketing campaigns. She’ll also be managing our website.

Email marketing proves its worth amid postal price hikes

Forward-looking marketers throughout the UK are focusing their attention on the power of email marketing as they review their direct marketing budgets following Royal Mail’s shock price hikes. While many businesses were left reeling from the news of the forthcoming increase in the cost of First Class stamps, we have already noticed an increase in the number of enquiries from companies keen to embrace the benefits of targeted email marketing campaigns.  

Email marketing remains highly cost-effective and consistently proves its worth as a primary means of engaging directly with members. Additionally, with explosive sales of smartphones and iPads recorded over the past year, email is being accessed more regularly than ever before, providing a golden opportunity to target core audiences with highly tailored messages.