History for CJAM with The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings’ new Old House Show

CJAM Group has been selected to launch The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings’ new Old House Show, which takes place Friday 7 to Saturday 8 September 2018 at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London.  The two-day free-to-attend event will bring together the best of everything it does under one roof, with a full programme of expert speakers, exhibitors, technical advice and support for homeowners, craftspeople and those working with old and ancient properties.

how healthy is your brand?

If Content is King, then Brand is Queen (how healthy is your brand?)

Bill Gates famously said “Content is King” back in 1996 and digital businesses globally have been lording it about ever since but what happened to brand architecture along the way?  Sure, it’s fun to engage with brands on social media, it is positively exciting to see your twitter followers grow exponentially, but what if you can’t see the difference on the bottom line?

Social Media buttons on keyboard

Top five social media tips to promote your charity event

With over 1.79 billion social network users worldwide, it would seem that social media has taken over the way in which charities promote their events.

Social media consumes far more than a quarter of the time we spend online.  The average person has five social media accounts and spends one hour 40 minutes browsing their social media networks every day.  Clearly this is an online platform not to be missed.

Zooming in on target audiences

Defining your target market is key to ensuring that the right message about your products and services reaches the right people. Making assumptions in this scenario is dangerous. We undertake in-depth research on behalf of our clients to ensure that we fully understand a) who their audiences are and b) what motivates these audiences. It’s important to really get to grips with the challenges faced by customers, what interests or inspires them, which media they consumer and how…There’s a lot of attention to detail required in this process, but getting it right paves the way to generating great commercial results for clients.